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Holloways Appliance

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Holloways Appliance

When I say the Holloways Appliance Center, located in Simsbury Connecticut, is "one of a kind", I say that for several reasons.  

First, Holloways has a beautiful showroom and store. The space is wide open and well laid out. When you walk into the store there is a big WOW factor.

The high ceilings and vibrant colors give a sense of openness but it is not over whelming. The layout and aisles make all of departments easily accessible.  The service counter is in the center of the store. Along the perimeter there are several demo kitchen layouts complete with cabinetry, counters and of course appliances. Holloways offers and stocks a wide variety of brands name appliances.

Secondly, Holloways is family owned and operated. They have served the community for 3 generations, over 60 years! They have the most knowledgable staff in the business.

Thirdly, Holloways stands behind the products they sell with services. They will deliver and install your new appliances. They also offer repair service and extended warranties.

Lastly, the people there are just down right nice. If you are in the market you new appliances I encourage you to consider Holloways over some of the big box store.

Studio 360 Professionals was happy to be able to photograph this locally owned and operated family business. You can "see inside" Holloways now on Google Business View.

Below are some of the still photos we captured for Holloways.

Kitchen Layout




You can see more photos on the Holloways Google+ page here: 

Also be sure to check out their website at You can read the history of Holloways here:

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