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Mirror Mirror Everywhere

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Mirror Mirror Everywhere

I've seen many examples of Google Business View tours where a reflection of either the photographer's equipment and or the photographer himself is clearly visible.

I was recently commissioned to create Google virtual tours for both campuses of the International Institute of Cosmetology. Both locations have mirrors everywhere. At the school's Plainville location the student stations were staggered so I was able to position my equipment in such a way as to avoid capturing reflections. 

At the Institute's main campus in Weathersfield, I was not so lucky. All of the instructional classrooms and student stations had full wall mirrors on both sides of the room and in some cases on a third wall or station.

In this classroom the mirrors were on perpendicular walls.

Then there is always the reflection of a mirror in a mirror reflecting into infinity example.

Removing mirror reflections from virtual tour panoramas is just one way I add quality and value to the Google tours I create. Check out some of my other work and let me know if Studio 360 Professionals can create a virtual tour for your business. 

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