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Google Street View virtual tour meets Canton Indoor Virtual Golf Center

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One of the greatest things about offering Google Street View tours to businesses is the ability to allow internet users to virtually walk right through the door of a business. This gives the virtual visitor a sense of the business atmosphere and product offerings.

It also creates a real world want for a potential customer/virtual visitor to visit the business in person. This is true of the all of 360 panoramic tours I've created using the Google Business Photos program. Many times I am surprised by what I find when I walk through the door to talk to a potential client. This was especially true for a new business located in Canton, Connecticut named the Canton Indoor Golf Center.

The building is a large nondescript structure located in the Canton Village Shopping Center. Locals know it as the old IGA Super Market. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I walked in. 
Year Roundz at Canton Indoor Golf Center
My first impression was wow, this place is really cool! The first thing I saw was a retail display of golf clubs and bags. Just beyond the display was a putting green. As I entered the business and approached the counter I noticed a pool table and a really nice looking sports bar. Looking towards the rear of the building I could see individual booths illuminated with scenes of golf courses projected on large screens. Each booth with it's own tee area and computer kiosk console. 
Right then and there I knew that a Google Street View virtual tour and the Canton Indoor Golf Center & Virtual Golf Club were absolutely made for each other. A perfect match of HDR photography and High-Definition golf simulators! This place is cool. Golfers can pick from a wide variety of world renowned golf courses to play a virtual round of golf using very real golf clubs and balls.

The players tee up and drive the ball into the screen. After the player hits the ball a computer and related sensors calculate where the ball landed on the virtual course and displays the speed, distance, trajectory and other related data of the shot. 

After speaking with the owner about the Google Business Photos program he said he might be interested but, if he was going to do it he want to include both sides of his business in the virtual tour. Both sides I inquired? He promptly led me through a double glass door to the other half of the building.
Canton Indoor Golf Arcade

This half of the business is named the Glow Cove. It is an arcade, party facility and 18 hole glow in the dark mini golf course complete with an ice cream booth and pizza oven.
Canton Indoor Golf Glow Cove

The glow in the dark mini golf is a pirate/nautical themed indoor course with a prehistoric twist. The Glow Cove is sure to impress the kids. The art work and props are truly amazing.
The Shark Tank at Canton Indoor Golf Glow Cove Mini Golf

Be sure to check out the Google Street View Tour and then book your next golf excursion with your favorite foursome to play a round of golf on a world renowned course at Year Roundz virtual hi definition golf course. Or, take the kids to the awesome glow in the dark Glow Cove mini-golf. Either way you are sure to have a great time at the Canton Indoor Golf Center!
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